Whatever your solution SCG provide the highest level of after sales care.

Outstanding Service

  • Complete service to find root of fault across multiple providers
  • Interrogation and review of existing local network, switches & servers in a fault scenario
  • Review and fault finding on customer supplied/3rd party firewalls & routers
  • Fault investigation and review of wireless access points
  • Investigations into 3rd party provider products that from part of a customers overall solution
  • Access to specialist engineering resource
  • Best practice advice & recommendations

Specialist Support

Specialist support teams help identify the root of the fault through communication directly with your suppliers, on your behalf, resulting in issues being resolved quicker.

Security & Reliability

The reliability and security of your networks are at the forefront of all the solutions we provide, to protect your data and minimise potential downtime, enabling you to maximise efficiency.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Ethernet Connectivity is monitored 24/7/35 in our network management centres, which minimises the affects that could be suffered as a result of carrier outages.

Equipment Maintenance

Our Service contracts include software upgrades when required for fault resolution and we utilise the most up-to-date technology to offer remote support, shortening repair times. When a physical presence is necessary, our team of highly trained and certified engineers are available to assist. Our selection of support packages enable you to choose a level of coverage that meets the needs of your business.

Peace of Mind – Enhanced Network Support

In addition to our service agreements we also offer Enhanced Network Support.

Can’t function without your Internet access? Neither can we!

This is why we offer the ability to raise network faults around the clock to provide you with the quickest possible resolution.