Wildix is a cloud based unified communication & collaboration product that enables its users to work quickly and conveniently from any device, anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

As the market leader in WebRTC communication since 2005, Wildix have built a feature rich and stable platform that allows users to easily work from anywhere, on any device.

Users can be contactable for up to 10 devices including PC/Laptop, iOS/Android Mobiles, Wildix handsets or 3rd party IP devices.

Wildix boasts a wealth of features including:

• Conference Calls / Video Conferencing
• Teams Integration
• Instant Messaging & Web Chat
• Call Recording & Reporting
• Desktop Sharing & Collaboration

The Wildix hosted telephony system operates in the cloud, meaning less equipment on site, saving on costly maintenance and upgrades.

Why choose Wildix?

Cost effective

Quick and easy to install, with no capital outlay. The Wildix cloud based phone system delivers all the functionality of a traditional telephone system, with advanced features that make communicating with your staff, customers and suppliers, easy and efficient.


Work from anywhere with an internet connection. Wildix can be accessed through any web browser or using Android/iOS Mobile Applications.

Proprietary handsets

Unlike many cloud based platforms Wildix have their own range of desk and cordless handsets designed specifically for their solution – meaning a seamless user experience. In addition to this you can utilise other brands 3rd party IP handsets if you wish.

Secure by Design

Traditional solutions require the addition of SBC and VPN infrastructures to securely work remotely. Wildix is secure-by-design with no need for SBCs or VPNs. Voice and data are always protected thanks to the native encryption system.

Simple Licencing

Wildix has a very clear licensing structure with just 4 different user licenses available with additional functionality included as you upgrade through the tiers.


Wildix offers unparalleled functionality. Using WebRTC Kite, visitors of your website can start a web chat with you and even turn that into a voice / video call with screen sharing if they wish. The solution offers desk phones, mobile apps, presence, instant messaging, call logging, recording and wallboards.

CDR View Reporting

CDR-View provides a comprehensive overview of inbound and outbound call traffic, including the number, duration, types, and costs of each call. This data can be presented in both charts and data grids, allowing company management to easily analyse call activity and make informed decisions about their future business strategy.


With x-caracal, UCaaS and contact centre analytics are

  • Lightweight: Access your contact centre analytics instantly from any web browser, with no need to download or install anything – all stored securely in the cloud.
  • Agile: X-Caracal’s real-time call centre analytics software allows you to view and respond to every aspect of your call flow as soon as the data is available.
  • Integrated: Gain oversight of your entire communications system with a contact centre tool that tracks all agents’ devices, including those used on mobile.

X-caracal makes it easy to get started with contact centre analytics and reporting. Instantly deploy the tool into your Wildix setup in the cloud, and you’ll have access to the best real-time call centre analytics tools.