Business Need

Our client is a well known independent insurance broker in the Midlands and has built their business on the finest traditional values of personal service, advice and expertise which today enables them to provide clients with commercial and personal insurance tailor made to their specific requirements.

TIC visited them to discuss their requirements.

  • In addition to a new phone system they needed a robust PCI compliant voice recording system.
  • As most of their business was completed over the phone by an in-house sales team, they needed a way of ensuring that the voice recording system was automatically capable of pausing the recording when the client gave out their credit card details.
  • The contact centre manager also needed to find a voice recording solution that could aid him with training new staff on how to handle callers. Traditionally this involved “sitting shotgun” on live calls with handlers via split headset operation and this simply wasn’t an efficient way of developing staff.

The Technical Solution

  • A Mitel telephone system, for the telephony requirements plus a Xarios XCR 215 Voice Recording System with PCI compliancy licences.

 The Benefits

  • The solution offered, integrates directly with their web based payment system so that as the call progresses from the product discussion to payment the URL of the payment page is monitored by the software.
  • As the agent enters the credit card section, the recording is automatically paused ensuring confidentially. It resumes when this transaction has completed.
  • The solution also allows agents to have a manual override if necessary to accommodate payment transactions if the web based solution isn’t in use.
  • The solution also assists in the ongoing training of both new and experienced staff. A portfolio of call recordings has been created, presenting real examples of both good and poor call handling protocols.
  • The ability for a manager to pause recordings, discuss and follow on relevant examples has proved invaluable in maintaining a high level of customer care within a highly regulated environment.
  • Complaint resolution is now prompt with recordings being easily located via the user friendly GUI and the ability to email encrypted recording has provided vital evidence for protecting policy holders.