Business Need

Our client has 50 years experience in the industry and vast experience in indoor and outdoor furniture hire and maintains a clear vision to provide the finest quality products and 1st class customer service for clients in the Event, Hotel, Marquee and Hospitality industries.

TIC visited them to discuss their communications and established that:

  • They wanted to find a solution that linked their three sites, Walsall, Middlesex and Bradford, reducing call charge costs and improving inter site communication.
  • They were concerned that they may be missing sales opportunities, as some sites were busier than others affecting call handling response times in some locations.
  • Senior Management that travelled between sites were concerned that they were sometimes missing client calls and looked to TIC to create some options.

The Technical Solution

  • 2 x NEC Systems in Walsall & Middlesex with IP Phones in Bradford. A MPLS network in connecting the sites with ADSL tails interconnections.

The Benefits

  • The MPLS solution provided a secure inter site voice network, avoiding any speech quality problems. This enabled the client to dial internally between all locations incurring no call charge costs. External callers could also be transferred at no cost between sites making a vast improvement in customer service.
  • In the event of a caller ringing Walsall or any site and gaining no response the phone system could route the call to available staff at the other locations, ensuring there was always someone to answer the phone wherever they were. This addressed any concerns with regards to lost business opportunities.
  • Management concerns reference contractibility were addressed by using the mobile integration facilities of the NEC system. Callers ringing the direct dial number of the staff were immediately forwarded to the relevant mobile phone, allowing the enquiry to be dealt with immediately. Additionally, if further staff interaction was required the call could be transferred immediately back to any internal extension on the system, thus reducing enquiry processing time.