Business Need

Our client is the only provider of tyre repair and a replacement service for backhoes, aerial platforms, tele-handlers, dumpers etc. As such, they receive hundreds of calls a day from UK based construction sites, needing prompt resolution as construction simply stops without this machinery being operational.

TIC visited them to discuss their communication requirements. They had an ageing Siemens System with limited call handling flexibility.

  • They had a team of support people that answered incoming service/support calls from large construction sites needing urgent assistance. However, the Siemens system produced limitations due to the way it distributed inbound calls, leading to client frustration and abandoned calls.
  • For major clients, our customer had allocated a personal account manager to deal with their enquiries. However, when they rang in their call was often picked up by another member of staff resulting in unproductive hold and transfer call processing time.
  • The team had to log the service call within an industry renowned database product called Cameo. This was a laborious process, involving trying to extract site details, what the problem was etc. over the phone. They needed to find a more efficient way to process this vital information.
  • Misinformation was often provided by on-site construction staff, so that when the engineer turned up the problem was in fact on a different machine, sometimes the location was incorrect, the tyre was the wrong type, the customer needed help addressing this challenge.

The Technical Solution

  • NEC SV8100 Configured With 10 x ISDN Channels, My Calls Agent Software and 3 Party CTI Licence, 16 Port Automated Attendant System, Call Queuing and Voice Recording Software.

The Benefits

  • The new system’s advanced inbound call routing capabilities ensured calls were routed quickly and professionally into the group to the longest idle member of staff, thus ensuring prompt rectification of their problem.
  • When Major Accounts rang in, they were intelligently routed by telephone number to their dedicated call handler, improving call handling processing.
  • The new system directly integrates with the Cameo database so that when a client rings in with their service enquiry, either via DDI or CLI the account is immediately recognised and the relevant client records pops on the screen. This has massively reduced the call handling time, allowing the support team to process the enquiry more quickly, not having to take down account details, address details or machine type as this is all displayed for the agent to process the service call.
  • Previous problems with customers claiming that mistakes had been made during the support logging process have all been addressed by voice recording on the system, allowing all transcripts of relevant conversations to be accessed and emailed to the client to address any grey areas.