Business Need

Our client is part of the world’s leading international security solutions group. They are specialists in outsourced business services with vast experience in the consultancy and assessment markets.

TIC consultants visited them to discuss their communication requirements. They had an old BT Option 11 phone system with Symposium Call Centre Software and Call Pilot Messaging and had been made aware that the product and applications had been end of life.

  • The current system had become ineffective in the distribution of incoming calls into their agent groups and they needed to get the correct members of staff dealing quickly with the relevant enquiries, as the current platform simply was not processing calls quick enough.
  • As their client base value was diverse they wanted to be able to prioritise support calls within the waiting queue, ideally offering a faster response time to their blue chip clients.
  • The client had become tired with the reporting capabilities of the application as it failed to give the necessary live and historic information that helped to roster staff etc. In addition, client led reports were difficult to create and automate at short notice.
  • Call recording of all calls was an application prerequisite with easy isolation and audit capabilities being vitally important to provide quality control on behalf of the client.
  • Their current support contract simply failed to meet their expectations when faults occurred as they were often simply passed from pillar to post for a resolution leading to costly downtime.

The Technical Solution

  • Mitel Platform Configured with 60 x ISDN Channels, Customer Service Manager, Reporter Pro, Real Viewer, Agent Reporting Licences, Xarios Call Recording Software Applications, 12 Port Call Queuing System and 70 x IP Handsets.

The Benefits

  • The Mitel System’s ACD functionality enabled specific enquiries to be dealt with directly by the correct skill set, dramatically reducing the call processing time. The additional ability to route calls to multiple groups of agents via longest idle, balanced call count, circular and linear distribution, delivered a marked call handling response time of 20%.
  • The new system’s advanced call queuing system answered overflow incoming callers, detailed their position in queue and provided feedback on their average response time. This ensured that the client was kept proactively informed of their progress and thus reduced the number of abandoned calls previously experienced.
  • In addition the system allowed users to define which callers, identified by their incoming telephone number, would be answered first regardless of their initial queue entry. This ensured that high ticket clients were answered before low value non-repeat enquiries.
  • The Reporting Pro software is an advanced reporting tool, allowing managers and supervisors to track and monitor agents logged into the ACD system. It made the monitoring procedure automatic, highlighting exceptions to the norm removing the need for a manager to have to constantly check the agents. It features extensive reporting and supervisory capabilities including ACD Reporting showing activity and performance indicators, Agent Alarms against wrap-up, free, not available etc. Combined with the systems Real Viewer software that displays real time statistics, this software provides complex information, quickly, automatically and visibly enabling management to effectively process improvements on the spot.
  • Integrated voice recording software has proved a vital training aid for new staff on compliancy issues and its user friendly format enabled multiple supervisors to extract transcripts without extensive admin rights training.
  • A bespoke support contract was agreed with, as normal, a personal internal account manager to be a central point for all client queries, plus a guaranteed service level agreement ensuing all faults are rectified within a target response time. 24 hours a day access to our support portal also provided the customer with the total reassurance that TIC will always be available to address any of their technical support issues.